I listened to a podcast last week and it was an interview with Uwe Schmidt,(a great conversation about technique with some lovely philosophical moments) i was in the middle of mastering the LP and he was extolling the virtues soundbars and their use as a ‘studio’ monitor, as they are active, and they operate in the ‘consumer’ zone of audio reproduction systems..

most music makers spend a shit ton of money on their speakers, which are at an order of magnitude better than the average home music setup, and if you are creating on something with real hii-fii, then how can you expect it to all translate to such ‘low rent’ reproduction in almost every other situation..
I remember miles (newbold) having an old single speaker that he would use to test mixes on and i did adopt that for a while, should get back on that..
Anyway, i found a sound bar in a skip the other day, i was quite annoyed that they hadn’t thrown out the power supply also, but i got one off ebay for 8 quid or sumpn, so all good

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