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Gladbot E.P.

Bored of his life of sun sea sand and sauce, international playboy Gladdy Montego returned to his home metropolis to persue his dreams of soldering irons and birdwatching in relative poverty.

This E.P. is his first release proper since 1997, and presents a number of new strategies for dealing with music.

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skin job virtual dubplate one

Gladdy always like a bit o’ dancehall business, so decided to use an alias for his more ‘genre’ based recordings, the skin job ident is used for a more uptempo electronic dancefloor experience. These outings will generally contain more loop based and generic elements, with a gladman twiss.

This first release sits in the two dub garage step category, but with comic overtones.

320 mp3 files, tagged and artworked in a ziplock file for instant download.

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Gladdy & Smiles – Crazy Paving EP

Gladdy & Smiles met in St Tropez, Smiles was not so fresh from a concert tour with JazzRock supergroup The Sign Of Four, he was quite tired after burning down the Black Forest. Gladdy had just taken a substantial thrashing in Monaco, they both needed to let off a bit of steam.

This first E.P. documents their first musical fumblings, the groping around in the dark, looking for something special, and serves as a prelude to the plastic folk jazztronica of their album ‘Mingus On The Moog’.

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