it’s over ten thousand!

the best mix series in the universe after bloggariddims has to be the process series, a collection of mixtapes much like the ones we used to make for our girl friends and boy friends, which drift in and out of this and that, which bump heavy techno on the one side, and some classical . . . → Read More: it’s over ten thousand!

it’s over 9000



self aggrandisements are us today, over 9000 peeps have hit us up since we hosted our own wordpress with ( u cld want bar root access), big snow here in uk, see below for our local downhill run..

and i . . . → Read More: it’s over 9000

cut and paste, with style and grace

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and if u can’t be arsed to listen to 20 minutes of bumps and sqwonks for the payoff, then here’s the rather tart mashup of laibach and the beatles and si begg and osymyso . . . → Read More: cut and paste, with style and grace