while i am sensitive to most types of suffering, i really feel compelled to say that the sad stories of travellers trapped by the ‘terrible’ weather really touches my heart NOT AT ALL..

anyway, i haven’t been totally devoid of festive cheer, i had these guys to keep me warm,

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it’s over 9000



self aggrandisements are us today, over 9000 peeps have hit us up since we hosted our own wordpress with ( u cld want bar root access), big snow here in uk, see below for our local downhill run..

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cut and paste, with style and grace

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and if u can’t be arsed to listen to 20 minutes of bumps and sqwonks for the payoff, then here’s the rather tart mashup of laibach and the beatles and si begg and osymyso . . . → Read More: cut and paste, with style and grace