...anal parade have been making music since the early seventies, two of the members were sharing casual encounters as early as 1968, their only 3 conventionally released albums were all private press releases which were more than likely disposed of or forgotten about in timely fashion...

..their first release in over twenty years is currently in re-production, 'pills, thrills, and mrs mills' is a collection of charity shop party anthems, designed to suck you off and give you a good rimming while you leaf through pictures of heavily bearded, immaculately dressed english gentlemen, the heady fragrance of lilac and geranium, wafting through your soul..

...this isn't a wind up, it's just that they take their music more seriously than i do...

images of the band are hard to come across other than those of a highly risque nature,

listen to ansaphone in real

listen to one two stupid in real

download one two stupid in mp3

investigate noodles






benny linn: hardcore drummer and generic drug addict.. read into that what you will... benny has an a-hole that you park a car in, and some of the messiest shirt & tie combinations the world has ever seen

benny like to hold manly thingd

randy yoghurts: with a booming voice & not a lot of choice, yoghurts was the man to rival max boyce.. a club slinger in the great old tradition.. a session with this boy was enough to make you weep, in more ways than the obvious...

huge great bulgin' lallies