hip hop on videotape..

amongst music videos, hip hop is a genre that hasn’t produced a great amount of visual gold.. alot of honeys, a lot of frontin’ and a lot of backup (of varying, er, ‘quality’) check out the styles in Black Moon’s ‘Who Got The Props’, fabulous tune, awful video, all that mugging is really not appealing..

the video for nelly’s country grammer, is a fabulous object lesson in how to do the posse video right, nicely shot, you really do feel that the whole town is there, even though they not, and while everyone’s showing out, theres no question that they’re all feeling it..

but i think this is my fave hip hop vid so far, it doesn’t hurt that the tune is an instant classic, or that the main protagonist has made a career for himself as a ‘proper’ actor, has to be this one.. i’ve tried and tried to find a better version without the booty action intro.. but i can’t wait forever..